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Blame It on Pinterest!

When I made my first Cinnamon Annie Doll, I had no idea it would become my passion and my business.

From the Beginning

I was browsing the Pinterest website one day and happened upon a photo of a cute brown Raggedy Ann doll. I wanted to purchase the doll but she was unavailable. Since I had been sewing clothes, quilts and bags for several years, I figured I could make one for myself.

Falling in Love

I fell in love with my first doll and shared her to my friends on Instagram. I was shocked when people started asking to purchase one for themselves. Really? Wow!

Truly it progressed from there.

And here we are!.

I have made and sold over 300 dolls, I've added different sizes, boy dolls, and Christmas ornaments. Oh I also wrote a children's book. And I've got new products in the works.

I feel so blessed because I love Cinnamon Annie and my customers so much.

Walt Disney said, "...It was all started by a mouse."

I can say with gratitude, "It all started with a doll."

Be Blessed,



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