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About Me

Stephanie Dean - Owner & Maker

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Hello! I am a former elementary school teacher and a licensed social worker based in Decatur, Georgia. I am also the maker and owner of StepStitches, LLC.

I specialize in helping little children create lasting memories.

"This is the most beautiful Cinnamon Annie Doll Stephanie Dean has made. It is hard to keep her under wraps until Christmas! So excited to present this wonderful gift to my Goddaughter and see her smile. 
I appreciate the quality time and thoughtfulness put into making this doll."

  ~John Wesley Reed Jr.

















I make the doll that I wanted as a child growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I have always loved dolls, and my mother, an elementary schoolteacher, went to great lengths to find African American dolls for me. She felt it was important for my self-image to have a positive reflection of myself during playtime. 

Cinnamon Annie®  is a vintage-style handmade doll with a modern twist.

Cinnamon Annie wears beautifully colored dresses that are fashioned to appeal to today’s modern child. She is a keepsake doll that can either be played with, used for decoration or can be collected.

My customers seem to like the nostalgia of the classic dolls they remember from their childhood as well as the modern styling that a contemporary little girl would like. 


I have lived in Georgia all my life. I am married to Tony and the mother of two young adults, Joseph and Danielle.

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