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Back to the Books: 3 Tips for a Better Reader

Helping children become skilled and thoughtful readers is one of the main responsibilities of schools. But of course, educators cannot do this crucial task by themselves. Parents and other caregivers have a vital role to play in children's success in school. In fact, academic achievement starts long before a child steps onto the school grounds.

Here are three easy tips from my personal experience as an elementary teacher for over 16 years and my life as a mother of two college students that I think might be helpful to those who have young and beginning readers.

1. Books, books, books. Surround your child with books at home. They don't have to be expensive hardback books, but books from Walmart, Target, Goodwill and even the dollar store can provide opportunities for children to explore literature, Add a special book to their birthday or holiday gifts (and suggest other who want to give them gifts do the same).

2. Take books everywhere. I see kids idle (and often bored and cranky) while waiting on mom or dad at the hair salon, barber shop, mall, or even at church. Put a fun book or two, especially a coloring or activity book, in your bag that they can enjoy and be occupied.

3. Books before screens. Make children read for a certain amount of time before they are allowed to play on phones, tablets or computers. I bet that many times they will get so engrossed in the book that they will forget about the screen (at least for a little while).

I hope these tips are helpful. I'll be back next time with three more suggestions.




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