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Why Dolls Are Good For Boys Too - Breaking The Stereotype

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Have you ever heard the phrase, "dolls are only for girls?" Well, it's time to bust that myth once and for all. Dolls are not just great toys for little girls - they can be a fun and educational tool for boys as well! From building their emotional skills to teaching them problem-solving techniques, dolls can provide a wide range of benefits for boys.

Dolls can help your little boy's development in several ways. For one, playing with dolls encourages empathy and understanding of others from a young age. This is because children naturally imitate the behavior of people around them. By watching you, your son will start to understand how to properly care for and treat other people.

Your son will also learn problem-solving skills by playing with his doll. Having a doll may require him to come up with solutions for different issues his doll may have. This could include anything from helping the doll get dressed to putting together a makeshift bed for the doll. All of this requires creative thinking!

Dolls can be a great way to encourage imaginative play as well. Boys are just as likely as girls to benefit from using their imagination. Boys will enjoy make-believe play and playing with dolls provides a great opportunity for them to do this.

Our Cinnamon Andrew dolls are made so your son can feel included in the doll play. And, if he has a sister, what a great bonding experience! Specially made to represent diversity in the world, our handmade rag dolls are perfect for any child.

Ultimately, dolls aren't just for little girls - boys can benefit from playing with them too. From teaching empathy and problem-solving skills to encouraging creative play, dolls are a great way to support your son's development. So don't be afraid to get him a doll of his own!


  • Playing with dolls encourages empathy which will help your son build emotional skills.

  • Watching you care for him will start to teach your son how to properly care for his dolls.

  • Dolls can also teach problem solving skills!

  • Imaginative play is great for boys and girls!


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