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“She Looks Like Me!” Diverse Dolls that Help Kids Celebrate Their Uniqueness

Updated: Feb 7

"Cherish the nostalgia of your own childhood as you introduce your little one to the world of handmade Cinnamon Annie Dolls. These dolls aren't just playthings; they are magical reflections of your child's individual beauty and uniqueness. Crafted to capture your child's features and essence, each doll becomes a cherished family heirloom that sparks love, self-confidence, and a strong sense of identity."

Zara knows that her brown skin is beautiful. Her mother has always done a great job assuring her of how beautiful her melanin skin is. However, sometimes she struggles with feeling like she doesn’t fit in.

Zara can’t understand why she rarely sees a mermaid or Barbie doll that looks like her. They all have fair skin and long hair! None of the dolls displayed are African American and their long straight hair is nothing like her kinky textured natural hair which doesn’t quite make a ponytail.

Zara’s mum knew she had to step up if she wanted Zara to be the confident champ she had always envisioned her to be. Every child learns better when you show them not when you tell them. So, Zara’s mum decided to show her little princess an open and welcoming world for her too! So for her birthday, she got Zara a custom-made Cinnamon Annie® Doll!

“Mom, she looks like me!” Zara screamed excitedly as she unwrapped the beautiful African American plush doll on her birthday. Her short black hair was natural, just like Zara's, and her name, Chloe, (Zara's middle name!) was embroidered on her colorful handmade dress.

Zara's words live rent-free in her mother’s head to this day.

Zara’s story resonates with millions of kids who feel lost without seeing black baby dolls or meaningful positive representation of themselves in movies, television, toys and games. These kids might be your own children, nieces, nephews, godsons or goddaughters.

The good news is that like Zara’s mother you can help build a child’s self-esteem, while creating powerful positive memories for them by getting them a personalized doll that reflects their unique characteristics.

Here are five ways a Cinnamon Annie Doll from our shop makes a positive impression for your little one:

  1. Having a doll with diverse features, like skin color and hair color, teaches your child that there is beauty in diversity. This helps them practice acceptance of others.

  2. Taking care of a doll fosters the development of social skills.

  3. Everyone wants to feel accepted and celebrated, including kids. A doll that looks like your little one can give her a sense of pride and self-esteem.

  4. A black doll is not strictly for a black child. Kids of all races can learn to eliminate discrimination when they play with dolls of different ethnicities.

  5. Caring for their custom-made dolls, such as the hair routine and cleaning and maintaining doll clothes, can help kids learn responsibility.

Beyond these benefits, giving a doll that connects with your child’s heart is a positive experience that can be treasured for a lifetime. A skillfully handmade Cinnamon Annie Doll as a gift will give you that nostalgic feeling that reminds you of your childhood! Like the famous Raggedy Ann dolls, this custom soft doll is lovingly hand-made to have a vintage look with a modern touch. And like Zara, your little one can have boosted esteem and dare to dream without fear.


  • Validation is important in your child’s life. Boost their self-esteem by gifting them an African American doll that looks just like them!

  • Help your child learn compassion and responsibility through caring for their custom doll.

  • Teach your child the beauty of diversity and help eliminate bias through play.


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