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Cultivating Joy: How A Gift Can Improve Your Child’s Mood!

Updated: Feb 7

“Cinnamon Annie Dolls are Lovingly Handmade. These dolls are not just beautiful but they create the most beautiful moments for you and your little one.”

Do you remember that one toy you unwrapped on your birthday or Christmas and just couldn’t let go of? Can you remember the pure joy of holding it in your hands? A great gift can change your mood in a single moment and our handmade cloth dolls do just that.

Our mental health affects everything about us and what we do. This starts from the time we are young. While your little one may not have a household to manage, they certainly have their ups and downs - growing up is hard! Children can suffer from the same big worries and uncertainty we can. On top of that, they may have a hard time communicating those feelings to us. And as parents, we want to help any way we can.

Gifting your child with our handmade Cinnamon Annie Dolls before they feel scared or sad or lonely is better than waiting. You can increase the happiness of your children right from the start.

Neuroscientists from Cardiff University have confirmed with multiple pieces of research that doll play fosters social skills. This helps a child to grow psychologically, emotionally, socially, and academically. These skills can help your kids succeed in any environment and improve their mental health. And, gifting them with a black or brown doll can also reflect their own beauty back to them, increase awareness of diversity, and help to eliminate discrimination.

Our plush doll is lovingly handmade to show your child just how much you adore her and give her a friend for life. We are not merely in the business of doll making. We are more interested in raising happy and empathetic children with great communication skills through our craft.


  • Doll play can improve your child's mood and mental health (as confirmed by neuroscience).

  • Doll play can foster growth in many areas and increase communication skills.

  • You can give your childhood a lifetime long friend by gifting her with our dolls.


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